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by monkey

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2 songs from monkey's forthcoming full-length debut album.


released July 23, 2010

music by monkey.
lyrics by tom budday.
recorded and mixed by craig boychuk.



all rights reserved


monkey Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: animal crackers (let it dry)
high up
on the ice
they played my
record like
i believed in their

i was once
a child too
before it
burned my
thin fins.

speak their names
as they shake the devils
from my unresisting mouth.
(my open mouth)

next time they
greet the grand chasm
let it be my open eyes
(my open eyes)

a great storm
made my face
a holy

oh my blood
it became
the language
of forever.
Track Name: snakes in the grass (new level)
road crushed smile singing world
you break now.
charcoal tongue digging in the molars
flick away grin and walk

yes i turned my back to you world
you break now.

slip hands 'round rope burns world
you swing now.
this slight breeze tangles
every strand of thin hair severed

yes i peeled back loveless
your mask world
you swing now.

hinge stitched
lungs lifted
blown out world
you burn now

twist unknot
arm reach
past skull
watch the flare rising

yes you should have kept your
eyes level world
you burn now.